Album: Lose Control (2010)

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Song: Collapsing

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This band started because we (Kyle, Kevin & Bowes) having played/wrote/toured together for 4 years in CDC, missed each other. In 2007 Kevin and Kyle quit CDC and pretty much stopped playing music for the better part of 2 years. Kevin and Kyle started writing together with our friend Joey from Get Even on drums and our longtime friend Adam Engle on vocals. After missing a certain spark, we asked John Bowes to join the band. Adam named us Troublesome after a Tupac song before he had even written a single lyric. After writing and recording our demo in 2009, we realized we needed a bass player if we wanted to begin to play shows. Adam asked Cody from What It Takes, Barricade and recently Animalhaus to play bass. He said yes! We started playing shows, remixed, remastered and re-released our demo as a 7' titled "This Hell" in Nov. of 2009. We continued to play shows here and there and wrote a new record. Jeremy from Lifeless hooked us up with Vince from Harvcore Records and he said he wanted to release said new record. Cody quit, Esun joined. "Lose Control" was released in Jan. 2011 on Harvcore Records. Due to touring with CDC and Daylight not to mention owning and running Cold Cuts Merch, Bowes asked to step down. Marco joined the band on drums. Esun quit to join CDC on bass. Miller joint the band on bass. Troublesome now consists of Adam Engle, Kyle Hill, Marco Mazzarelli, Stephen Miller, and Kevin Thomas. To celebrate our new solid lineup...we made Troublesome sunglasses.

We are currently writing our first full length which we will record this winter and hopefully release in March of 2012 on Harvcore Records.